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Lentils, beans, chickpeas, mung bean



Lentils - one of the oldest legume crops. The birthplace of the plant is Southern Europe and Western Asia. Widely cultivated as a food and forage plant. Lentils are one of the most important sources of protein, able to replace the nutritional properties of bread, cereals and even meat. The lentils contain isoflavones that help the body suppress cancer cells. Eating lentils lowers blood cholesterol. A rich source of iron increases the level of hemoglobin, normalizes the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

Chickpeas or so called Egyptian pea is one of the most ancient leguminous crops, native to the Middle East. It was eaten even at the court of the pharaohs and ancient Rome. Nowadays it is common in countries of Western and Central Asia, North Africa, North America. Traditionally, the chickpeas are also eaten in the Mediterranean region. The grains contain about 80 substances important for the body, extremely nutritious, and popular among vegetarians. The chickpeas resemble nuts in taste, and unlike beans or lentils, there is no taste of starch

Beans  - are a typical genus of the legume family. One of the most popular beans on Earth. An ancient crop with a history dating back more than 5000 BC. It is cultivated in Europe, Asia, Africa. It has about a hundred varieties. Favorite dish of many inhabitants of the planet. One quarter of all substances is protein, similar in quality to animal protein, which makes beans a valuable product. In addition, it contains fiber, starch, carotene and vitamins C, B. It is rich in micro and macro nutrients. Beans regulate and restore metabolism, remove toxic substances, quickly saturates and satisfies hunger, is a real antidepressant and a beauty product.

Mung beans or maash, an ancient leguminous crop originating from India. This product is widely known in vegetarian circles. Especially often mung bean is used in national Asian cuisine. The taste is similar to beans but has a nutty finish, in contrast to which it does not require soaking and quickly cooks. Recommended by nutritionists and pediatricians. The composition contains a lot of protein, "slow" carbohydrates and polyunsaturated vegetable fats necessary for the cardiovascular system. Contains vitamins B, C, E and K. Nutrient product, gives a long feeling of fullness.

We import all these legumes from Turkey, Ethiopia, Canada and Africa, as well as purchase on the territory of Ukraine.

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